Cool Down With a Simple Dish – Cucumbers

Known formally as Sunomono Salad, in Japanese restaurants, I make a raw vegan version of this. Its super refreshing in summer and a nice palate cleanser for between dishes. Or, as a side dish to other things.

Raw Vegan Taco “meat”

I’m all about making things easy and this is one you can make the night before and it’s better the next day.

A Little Shopping Trip

Here in sunny SoCal, we are lucky to have some great farm stands and a beautiful local health food store with good selections, especially now that summer is days away. So, I can’t really compare what I normally buy with price and quality elsewhere. Some people do think eating mostly raw vegan is expensive, and…

It’s like a charge for your body. It may even glow in the dark!

When I first heard about this combination, a few months ago, it didn’t really sound good. I think I was craving sweet at the time and this is not sweet. But, as I was walking from the air conditioned car to air conditioned grocery store, a whole 20 feet, I was drenched and it was only 9:30am! I passed the cucumbers and thought, “this might sound good now,” so I bought the ingredients.