A Little Shopping Trip

Here in sunny SoCal, we are lucky to have some great farm stands and a beautiful local health food store with good selections, especially now that summer is days away. So, I can’t really compare what I normally buy with price and quality elsewhere.

Some people do think eating mostly raw vegan is expensive, and it might be if you compare it to cheap processed foods. Mac and cheese powder from a box is super cheap but what you get is really just a chemical sh*t storm for a meal. Then again, if you’re eating that, you probably are not interested in this blog.

I won’t get on my soap box about eating organic. I will say that if you are eating mostly produce, then the amount of chemical and GMO is increased exponentially. I’ll eat as much organic as I can.

The real intent here is just to give a glimpse of what I’m buying. Mind you, I already have a cupboard full of staples that I’ve built up, so this is just for this week. The almond butter is under the apples – oops. Here is what I actually bought:

Produce at Alberstons.JPG

Everything on the list is organic except for the avocados and almonds. See how this would compare to your local stores.

Sales Receipt.jpg

(Full disclosure: The featured photo at the top is from Good Foods during my recent trip to Montana. I wish my grocery store looked like that)


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