Overnight Oats – A Quick and Easy Breakfast

I don’t have a lot of time to prepare food. Sometimes I just need to grab and go. While this recipe is not completely raw, you could make it that way. I did some research and found that rolled oats are hard to digest if eaten raw. It’s my personal experience as well, so I found some organic quick oats, which are actually toasted, so… not raw. This recipe would work with rolled oats if you really want to keep it completely raw. I try to keep to 80/20 raw vegan.

Overnight Oats Ingredients.JPG

Like many of my favorite recipes, this one is easy and forgiving. You can use what’s in your pantry. I usually make this with almond milk but I didn’t have any (or time to make some) so I used water and it came out just fine. Using water makes this recipe nut free.

The trick is to soak the oats overnight. I put oats, seeds and some chopped dates in a mason jar or just in the bowl and add water equal to the amount of oats, mix it up and stick it in the fridge the night before. I often eat it just as it is when I get up in the morning. You can use whatever seeds or dried fruit you have for a varied combination. However, if you are going to add fresh fruit or berries, wait and add them when you are ready to eat. Other suggestions would include vanilla, cinnamon, sweetener if you don’t have dates, salt or other spices. If you are traveling, you could put it all the dry ingredients in an insulated food jar, then add water or nutmilk when you are ready to make it.


1/2 cup quick oats

1/2 cup water (or nut milk)

2 TBSP sunflower seeds

3 pitted dates chopped



Combine oats, water, sunflower seeds and dates in a mason jar or bowl. Mix well and soak for several hours or overnight.

Comment and let me know how you like this one!


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