I started this blog to share my raw vegan journey and favorite recipes with the world. This lifestyle has its challenges in our culture. I don’t follow a specific plan. I eat mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (raw vegan) and organic as much as I can. I do add cooked foods but they will be quinoa, oats, brown rice and other vegetables that are better cooked than raw, like potatoes. My true goal is weight loss and health.

15 years ago, I followed a strict raw vegan lifestyle with yoga every day for three years and never felt better. I was healthy, had lots of energy and a great outlook on life. We went on a family cruise and there went the raw vegan life. Although I have stayed vegetarian.

Fast forward to now and I’m 50, over weight and tired all the time. I looked back at my healthiest and decided raw vegan worked before, but it’s a transition. I find 80% raw 20% cooked works best for me.

Most people say they want to be healthy but are not willing to change their diet. According to the news, the internet and social media, everything is bad for you. How do you know what you can and can’t eat? The truth is, you don’t. Go with what makes sense for you. Everyone’s body is different.

Best of health to you,